One of the most inspiring and personal pieces I ve read from you Tre. You are the sun, the center of your solar system! So happy about you, you inspired me :)

Chorus excert from the ancient play by Euipides, Mhdeia, translated from the modern Greek version (G. Cheimonas) by Vicky Prokopi

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Love’s greatest malevolence
you tear Mens’ lives apart.
With bleeding hands from the doomed fight
The ones who loved

But the Goddess’ subtle
gentle touch
The ones who loved
for the rest of their lives.

Oh my Lady, please
Your arrow, your golden arrow
I beg you! May you never
point it at my troubled soul
With its lethal, vicious point
soaked in the fresh blood of desire.

Blessed may be Gods’ holy wisdom that guards me from hurting the one I love Ηail you spell, of furtive loves From the ashes of virgin lovers save me, from…

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I open my window
to breathe
But the bricks of our memories
start falling on my head,

Ain’t you the strong
Jogging around the corners of
our past,
I talk to
your shadows
as I always used to.

You gave me so many reasons
to fail you
I gave you so many reasons to




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Once more we sit
on the same table
with our smiles hanging on the tree
and our plastic hearts
flashing aimlessly in the dark

When the night comes
i find myself sitting in the sink
to clean the dirt but
not even the pureness of the water
can wash away
the thoughts

The hearts! The hearts!
Watch out!
Save them from the waste
we made
They will lose their color
and it’s too late
to recycle

Seeking salvation

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Looking for you
In hidden cabinets and secret drawers
In deep waters and crystal seas
I asked for you the moon and her celestial friends

I chased you
Found you wandering
Wanted to be found
Suddenly you slip
like a teardrop
and vanish
running like the stormy wind

Other nights
I found you sitting in my lap
following me around
like a blurry shadow
scratching the walls of my fears
with your nails

My deepest desire
The day I crave
to sing together
a song of peace

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Photo by Ian on Unsplash

I always considered myself a good pal.

I still am I believe; However, there were some scratches on my innocence wall during the last couple of years.
Where shall I start? Let’s take it from day 0.

I was hurt. Extremely. Hurt from an unrequited love I experienced during a friendship that took a different turn; the wrong turn. But despite the actual, expected pain that rejection caused me, I got hurt and extremely suffocated from the pressure I put myself into to un-feel. To sweep my feelings under the carpet. And this was not a couple of months fling…

Vicky Prokopi

Writing as a need for existing. Inspired by emotions, people and music, I write about anything that makes my soul dance.

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